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Hydraulic Despotism: having proven Command more than all local irrigation, Egyptian and Babylonian rulers made water available for obedient topics and shut it off for dissenters. Whilst Karl A. Wittfogel coined this expression (1957) to apply only to Oriental despots, its apply is around the globe, as in The l. a. drinking water wars of urban expansion and assimilation and Israel's diversion of your Jordan, a challenge that led to the 6 Working day War of 1967. The definition might be broadened to use to enterprises like OPEC that monopolize vital resources.

A bioregion refers the two to geographical terrain along with a terrain of consciousness--to a location as well as the Tips that have developed about how to are in that spot... A bioregion might be determined at first by usage of climatology, physiography, animal and plant geography, purely natural historical past together with other descriptive pure sciences.

Marl: a light-gray earth made of carbonates from shells or fossils; is often possibly unfastened or company. Utilised as a fertilizer or simply a source of lime for lime-poor soils.

In the fall of 1973, just one could see signposts of cinema's foreseeable future in Suggest Streets plus the Exorcist, nonetheless with this youthful pair of proto-indie dreamers, Malick was paving an entire new highway. It turned out to get The trail most traveled.

Demographic Changeover: the hypothesis that industrializing nations show Dying amount declines followed by delivery fee declines.

Biopiracy: the business enterprise exercise of patenting seeds and other indigenously grown agricultural products. Monsanto, a key sponsor of Disneyland and developer of nuclear arms, is forcing economically strapped farmers in Bangladesh to order seeds after handed down as a result of families.

The finale remaining a superb instance, in that it felt similar to a fairly lazy, cliched cop-out. Almost as though the writer/director, felt did not know how to proceed so decided to go out having a 'bang'. I'll undoubtably check out the second sequence but It's going to be that has a diploma of trepidation. I hope it can redeem itself.

Desalinization Plant: a web page where by seawater is boiled to separate steam from salt; the steam condenses into refreshing h2o. Due to the fact this demands a large amount of Electrical power--Typically supplied by burning coal or oil--desalinization is Typically made use of only in incredibly dry places.

Aphids: soft-bodied insects that eat eco-friendly leaves. Ants corral them and defend them from predators to milk them in the honeydew they excrete. Most gardeners think about them pests.

Their efforts are vitally imperative that you the success of the sequence and the remainder of the Solid are all sufficient to choose up the pieces in between.

Bacteriophage: a virus that infects and finally kills check here its bacterial host. Genetic engineers examine phages To find out more regarding how some implant their DNA into the host, an invasion considerably akin to your contamination of research laboratories by navy-industrial sponsorship.

Insurance coverage: what homeowners need to have when their properties are constructed on slipping hillsides, canyon flooring, eroding coastlines, floodplains, and swathes of chaparral by developers working in entire disregard with the forces and cycles of mother nature.

Critics Consensus: Terrence Malick's debut is often a masterful slice of yank cinema, rife Using the Visible poetry and calculated performances that could characterize his work.

Thermosphere: to 640 kilometers up. Auroras look in this article. The layer of molecules broken up--ionized--by particles within the Sunshine is definitely the ionosphere which makes radio function by bouncing radio waves back again to your Earth.

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